True story.

True story.


Welcome to The Karma Farmer, a simple little blog about my simple little life.


This blog is primarily for my mental health.  Writing makes me happy, pontificating is what I do best, ranting is what I do most, laughing is what keeps me sane, and cooking gives me peace.  You’ll find all of those things in these posts.


You’ll also find lots of stories about my Midwestern upbringing, single parenthood, married grandparent-hood, dogs, holidays, and brutal, uncomfortable honesty.


So, make yourself at home.  Welcome to my world!



One Response

  1. I feel, after reading the above, that you might be the child I didn’t know I had.
    Genetically, re: our outlook on life, and our fire, we could both be blonde and fair and look like we might have come from Europe.
    Without Karma we would be defenseless …. but we are survivors. We care about the underdog and we probably would defend them to the death.
    “I am ‘woman’ hear me roar”…comes to mind.

    I know I’m not popular, but I’m effective. Sometimes we forgo the congeniality, and we choose all the things ‘Wonder Woman’ stood for.

    We are sisters … and I am pleased you put into words, what I could not.