Driven to Distraction

Driven to Distraction

I love tourist season in Branson.  I love meeting people who are visiting here, I love the economic opportunity it provides for my community, and I love the entertainment options it provides for this area.

My question is, how can so many of these tourists have never driven on a road before coming to Branson?

I understand taking your time, looking for street signs, trying to follow directions.  Heck, I do the same when I’m in a strange place.  That part doesn’t bother me.

What I don’t understand are the drivers who have apparently never seen a roundabout…..or don’t know what a YIELD sign means……or have never been in a “turn only” lane…..

Please, if you miss your turn, don’t come to a dead stop in the middle of the street while you decide what to do.

Please, if you’re completely thrown by the roundabout, just go around a couple of times while you figure it out, but don’t weave back and forth between the turn lanes and the thru lanes, slamming on the brakes at every exit.

Please, don’t panic when you realize that you’re in a lane that is right turn only (just like the signs have said for the last 3/4 mile) and jerk your car into the left lane…..there are very likely other cars already there.  Just turn right, then turn around.  There’s really no reason to act like you’re turning off the edge of a cliff.  You’ll survive that wrong turn, I promise.

To the gentleman on the receiving end of my top o’ the lungs question “What part of RIGHT TURN ONLY do you not understand?”, because I’m pretty sure you heard me, I apologize.  My outburst wasn’t really aimed at you; you just took the brunt of my frustration over the dozen or so other inept drivers I had encountered over the past hour.  I’m better now, and promise to work on my patience and deep breathing exercises through the rest of the tourist season.

Welcome to Branson.  I’m glad you’re here, I really am.  I just think you might have a more relaxing vacation if you call a cab.

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