Fuel Shortage

Fuel Shortage

Today was deemed a “productive day” by my husband and me.  That in itself made it special, because normally we’re not on that same page.  Either I’m going a mile a minute while he takes a nap, or he’s spit-shining the kitchen while I’m playing cards.  Whatever, it works for us.

So it was with enthusiasm that we planned our day.  Cooking for the week, vacuuming, laundry, quality puppy time, etc.

It started out enthusiastically well.  Took E home to his Momma, trudged through the local WalMart gathering the ingredients for our week’s worth of planned meals and cleaning supplies.  Made an unsuccessful stop at Petco looking for a powdered vitamin supplement for Pickle, but getting to meet some adorable puppies made it worth the stop.

Came home and got right to it.  Steve sprinkling the good smelling stuff on the carpets and vacuuming, me cleaning out the fridge and putting the groceries away.

Then it hit.  The fuel shortage.  We both decided to sit down and enjoy a drink for a few minutes. Oops.

Warning:  when trying to be productive, don’t ever sit down.  Not even for a minute.

When the diet Pepsi and Caramel latte didn’t really energize us enough, we moved on to making some guacamole.  Yes, a snack!  That’s the ticket.  We needed a snack!

The guac bowl is empty.  It’s 6:30 p.m.  We haven’t made one meal, let alone 5.  Laundry is not started.  Bird feeders are not filled.  My 12 hour re-charge is a distant memory, and I could use a nap.  Or a glass of wine. out of gas

On the bright side, at least Steve and I are on the same page today.  We’re both slackers.

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